Meet Jane.

We sure meet a lot of nice folks in Fairlawn Plaza. They shop here, and they work here.  We’re lucky that way.

Do you know Jane?  She’s not just nice … she’s super-nice. Incredibly nice. She smiles ALL.THE.TIME. and she means it. You can tell– she has twinkly eyes.

You can also tell she loves what she does.  When she’s not out on the floor at Red Door Home Store fluffing the flowers, she’s in her tiny “office” in the backroom, gathering silk blossoms into splendid bouquets and wreaths for clients.  She’s all about the flowers — and about patiently helping the customer find the right colors, the right container, that magical combination of greenery and blooms.

And did I mention she’s so darn nice?  Visit Red Door Home Store, located on the Fairlawn Plaza Shopping Center strip  — you’ll meet lots of nice folks behind the counter there.

Posted on July 11, 2017  |  Nice Folks