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The Barber Shop

We are an old school Barber Shop with a modern level of service -- the latest hairstyles combined with old-fashioned attention to detail. Come see Bruce, Josh or Tony for a great haircut... or perhaps you'd appreciate a relaxing hot lather-steamed towel-straight razor shave. Aaaaah... some things NEVER go out of style!

Since time began, a woman's hair has been considered her crowning glory, but illness or chemotherapy may bring about thinning or complete hair loss. We're proud to offer our services for those occasions at K's Wigs ~ also located inside The Barber Shop.  We provide a comfortable, private room for trying on and styling wigs, and offer a great variety of lengths, styles and colors. Call Keirston at 785-250-9488 for a consult today -- compassionate, individual attention to help you look your best.

2106 SW Fairlawn Plaza Drive


Tuesday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday 8 am - 3 pm